MATChING's activities are organized in three main temporal steps:

1) Identification of techno-econmical key performance indicators (KPI)
2) Demonstration of technologies in the intended environment
3) Cost-benefit analysis

The first step  (WP2) identifies technical and economical real success indicators to make the achieved results measurable and comparable. Besides, the technology applicability and the evolution scenarios will be defined, addressing the challenges and targets to be reached in the demonstration program.

The second step  (WP3 to 6) is fully devoted to a strong demonstration program to validate MATChING technologies with 9 test sites. The program will start with laboratory scale investigation of the selected technologies including material performances, material treatment techniques and new configuration evaluation, and will be completed in the intended environment using new pilot plants or existing facilities, integrated, where possible, in real power plants to complete the technology evaluation in operating environment.

The third step  (WP7, 8) includes the assessment of results coming from second step allowing the techno-economical validation of solutions applied in selected European power plants, and the exploitation and dissemination activities which go along and complete the project development. The results coming from the second step, assessed through the success indicators, will bring back a direct and concrete measurement of the results, and, when applicable, standardized demonstration working methods.