MATChING will demonstrate a set of technological solutions that can be applied to both the fossil fuel sector as well as to the geothermal sector, with the aim to reduce the overall amount of fresh water abstraction.

Specific objectives

  1. Reduction of evaporative losses in geothermal power plants
  2. Increase in cooling equipment robustness to allow the use of non-traditional water sources
  3. Increase in heat exchange efficiency of both condenser and cooling equipment
  4. Application of advanced and alternative treatment equipment to promote the use of alternative water sources

Specific target

  1. Reduction of geothermal steam emitted into the atmosphere up to 15% and extension of production wells life up to 10% using hybrid solutions for cooling towers and advanced materials and coatings for dry modules;
  2. Overall plant efficiency increase up to 0.4-0.5%, enhancing the heat transfer efficiency in the condenser
  3. Overall reduction of fresh water abstraction in fossil fueled power plants of about 30% validating a set of solutions for the recovery and treatment of cooling water

Main outcomes

  1. Demonstration of the selected technologies at demo scale and pilot level, mimicking power plant operation, in  conditions close to real plants (TRL 6-7)
  2. Identification of advanced technologies, materials, and solutions for the improvement of heat transfer efficiency in power plant cooling systems with special reference to geothermal and fossil fueled power plants
  3. Identification of innovative technologies and optimized configurations of membrane based modules for water re-cycle and water treatment in fossil fueled power plant
  4. Cost/benefit analysis for the application to new realizations and retrofit of existing power plant fleets, considering the evolutionary scenarios of electricity generation at EU level
  5. Production of guidelines for exploitation of validated technologies for cooling system optimization in power plants.