How can we save water in a power pant equipped with a traditional cooling system?
And how can we do it in an economically affordable way?
MATChING's ambition is to provide an adequate answers to these questions.





    MATCHING or  “Materials & Technologies for Performance Improvement of Cooling Systems performance in Power Plants” is a collaborative project, funded by the EU Horizon 2020 pro…

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    Water is a plentiful resource, but it is not always available for human use in the quantities or at the quality, time and place required.

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    MATChING will demonstrate a set of technological solutions that can be applied to both the fossil fuel sector as well as to the geothermal sector, with the aim to reduce the overal…

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    A broad set of technologies are proposed acting on intake, blowdown, make-up, and evaporated water. Hybrid Cooling Systems are proposed for the geothermal sector. For the thermal p…

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    MATChING's activities are organized in three main temporal steps: 1) Identification of techno-econmical key performance indicators (KPI) 2) Demonstration of technologies in the int…

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