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MATChING Project presented by CNR-ITM team EUROPEAN RESEARCHERS' NIGHT 2018 on Friday 28th September.

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Third General Assembly Meeting

Hotel NH ATLANTICO, Jardines de Méndez Núñez, s/n, 15006 A Coruña, Spain

March 21-22, 2018

The Third General Assembly Meeting of MATChING project took place on March 21-22, 2018, in A Coruña, Spain. The meeting started on March 21st with an an update of the project status, for each WP; it ended on March 22nd with the site visit at As Pontes installation.

As Pontes is a coal - fired power plant that belongs to ENDESA and is located in Coruña (Galicia), in the northwest part of Spain. In the frame of the project several new test facilities have been or have to be integrated into the power plant: 1) a pilot condenser, manufactured by Integasa, with the aim to evaluate the performance of different materials through long run tests with the final goal to improve steam condensation efficiency and to reduce fouling in cooling water side; 2) Membrane distillation modules, provided by Aquastill, for CT blowdown water recovery and reuse.

Workshop and WP TEAM MEETING

Lyon October 19-20, 2017

The 2017 MATChING workshop and WP TEAM MEETING was held in Lyon under the auspices of the IAHR Industrial Cooling Tower Conference 2017.

The purpose of the workshop was to share the most relevant results of the first 18 months of the Project and to engage an open discussion with the Stakeholders on the current and future scenarios related to water availability and cost for electricity production in Europe and abroad. Around 40 people attended the workshop.

Workshop was one day (October 19). A site visit to the Bugey Power Plant, one of the MATChING demonstration sites, was organized the day before. Two panel discussions have been organized during which it was also highlighted that cost of water in most of the cases is not such that it pushes big investment for avoiding water consumption. Site-specific constraint, regulation/permits on water abstraction and on wastewater discharge seems to play a major role.

Furthermore, it was observed that the issue with water reuse in Cooling Tower operation requires a multi-discipline approach, as there are issues on corrosion, water conditioning, and metallurgy. At this regard, cooperation between different actors is seen as a benefit.

EU press release 'Joint Efforts to Strengthen Geothermal Energy' on 13 projects, including MATChING

Geothermal heat is a promising source to enrich and significantly contribute to the renewable energy mix in a long-term perspective. To foster the use of geothermal energy in a secure, clean and efficient way, the European Commission (EC) supports twelve projects within the Horizon 2020 Program (H2020) and pursues one project of the former 7th Framework Program (FP7). This brings together almost 20 countries and numerous stakeholders, providing a wide range of knowledge and expertise to strengthen the use of geothermal energy.

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European Commission on geothermal energy (

H2020 geothermal projects
Cheap-GSHPs (, CHPM2030 (, DEEPEGS (, DESCRAMBLE (, DESTRESS (, EoCoE (, GEMex (, GEOTeCH (, GeoWell (, IMAGE (, MATChING (, SURE (, ThermoDrill (

MATChING 2017 Workshop / October 18-19 2017
Improving the performance of cooling systems in power plants: an update of the first 18 months of the project

The MATChING Consortium is happy to announce the 2017 workshop that is being held in Lyon (FR) under the auspices of the IAHR Industrial Cooling Tower Conference 2017

Download workshop flyer

Brussels: MATChING Consortium announces the upcoming Workshop in Lyon under the auspices of IAHR Industrial Cooling Towers Conference 2017

The Second General Assembly meeting took place in Brussels at the VLEVA meeting rooms last March (7-9) with the aim to discuss the project technical update. During the Meeting the Consortium decided in agreement with the IAHR scientific committee to organize the 2017 workshop in the occasion of the Industrial Cooling Tower Conference 2017 that will take place in Lyon from 16 to 20 of October 2017. Further information on the conference are available at Workshop details and agenda will be made available soon on this website.

Group Picture of MATChING Partners

MOL: Balmatt site after the dismantling of the drilling tower

MATChING General Assembly Meeting in Brussels (7-9 March 2017)

Balmatt geothermal drilling site in Mol, Belgium

After the first year of the project, the 16 partners of MATChING will meet in Brussels to discuss the project status update. The first two days are dedicated to the planning of the activities of the next six months and the discussion of the results that have been reached so far, primarily those arising from laboratory test.

The third day (9 March) is dedicated to the visit of the Balmatt geothermal drilling site in Mol. At Balmatt, a by-pass in the main brine circuit will be realized to test corrosion resistant coatings selected in the frame of Work Package 3.

Great Success for the first MATChING Workshop in Chatou

The first workshop of the project on Key Performance and Success Indicators took place on September 21, 2016 at the headquarter of EDF Research Center in Chatou (close to Paris).

Around 45 people attended the workshop. Partners shared the results of the first six months of the project with the group of Stakeholders, in particular those results related to the definition of technical and global Key Performance and Success Indicators for MATChING technologies. The outcomes are summarized in the Deliverable D2.1 ”Definition of Key Performance and Success Indicators”, downloadable here. A site visit to some of the facilities that will be used in the project (PERICLES and THRYCO) was organized by the colleagues of EDF.

The MATChING Consortium would like to warmly thank all the participants for their precious feedback and professional contribution.
Click here to download the agenda of the event.

Group picture of matching partners and stakeholders
Group picture of MATChING partners and stakeholders

A moment during the panel discussion on Membrane Treatment Systems
A moment during the panel discussion on Membrane Treatment Systems

MATChING - First workshop on KPI to be held in Chatou

Aerial view of the EDF research center on the "island of the impressionists"

The first workshop of the project will be held on September 21, 2016 at the EDF Campus of the EDF Research Center in Chatou (close to Paris).

The workshop will be on Key Performances and Success Indicators for Cooling Systems, Water Treatment Technologies and Materials for Steam Condenser.

It will be organized by Work Package 2 team. WP2 is a crossing work package where methodology and tools to guide and support lab, pilot and demonstration work will be defined. The focus of the workshop will be to validate together all these references: the definition of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for each of the technology that will be proven during the project (hybrid cooling systems for geothermal application, coatings to promote drop-wise condensation, anti-fouling and fouling release coatings for condenser application, membrane based systems for water treatment and reuse, membrane condensers etc.), the standard common (water) testing conditions and the sites selection for scenario definitions will also be presented.

All the members of MATCHING users group are invited to join and to give their precious contribution and feedback! The Agenda of the event is under definition and will be soon available for download.

The project dinner between MATCHING PARTNERS and USER’ GROUP will be on September 20.
The project Steering Committee and WP-TEAM meetings will be held on September 20.

Kick-off H2020 MATChING project

The kick-off meeting of MATChING was held on 16 and 17 March 2016 in Pisa, Italy, hosted by Enel in their offices. The two-days event has been attended by almost 60 people representing the 16 partners and the stakeholders group. In order to emphasize the concept that energy and water availability to the community is one of the key factor for a sustainable development, Enel, as Project Coordinator, presented an overview on the project, its relevance in the EU-context, and the main issues to take into account.

Highlights on the demonstration program, including laboratories, facilities, existing pilot plants, new pilot plants and one full-scale demo, and the technical Work Packages for the 42 months of the project have been indicated.

Attendees of the MATChING kick-off meeting (click to enlarge)



MATChING Project presented by CNR-ITM team EUROPEAN RESEARCHERS' NIGHT 2018 on Friday 28th September.