Publications / conference presentations

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Publications in technical magazines

Platinum (2017). Se l'energia risparmia acqua. Platinum, March 2017, 79 (in Italian, English see below)

Platinum (2017). If energy saved water. Platinum, March 2017, page 79, available at

Modern Power Systems (2016). Reducing the abstraction of fresh water in power plants. Modern Power Systems, December 2016, 28-29.

E. Melone (2016). Ridurre l'acqua nel Power: tecnologie a confronto. ICP magazine December 2016, 90-94 (in Italian)
(Page 90-91)
(Page 92)
(Page 93-94)

Peer-reviewed publications

S. Holberg and R. Losada. "Fouling-Release coatings for steam condensers in thermal power plants". Proceedings-Heat Exchanger Fouling and Cleaning XII-2017

Conference presentations

May 23-25, 2018 17th Nordic Corrosion Congress, Lyngby, Denmark "High performance coatings for the geothermal industry" by R. Losada (DTI)

June 11-16, 2017    Heat Exchanger Fouling and Cleaning XII – 2017, Madrid, Spain
"Fouling release coatings for steam condenser in thermal power plants" by R. Losada (DTI)

24-25 January 2017     International Workshop on Surface Icing and Assessment of De-Icing / Anti-Icing Technologies, Bremen, Germany
"Hydrophobicity under condensation" by S. Holberg (DTI)

26-27 October 2016     VGB conference "Chemie im Kraftwerk/Chemistry in Power Plants 2016", Karlsruhe, Germany
"Prospects of watersaving options for coal fired power plants" by L. Daal (Sweco)

07-08 September 2016     11th Annual ExPPERTS Europe Conference, Kracow, Poland
"Reducing the abstraction of fresh water in power plants: Matching H2020 project" by D. Cumbo (Enel)

19-24 June 2016     18th ICMCF (International Congress on Marine Corrosion and Fouling), Toulon, France
"Preventing biofouling in steam condensers: The MATChING approach" by R. Onderwater (Materia Nova)

22-25 May 2016     CLIMA 2016 (12th REHVA World Congress), Aalborg, Denmark
"Coatings to prevent frost" by S. Holberg (DTI)

28-29 January 2016     11th PICWS meeting (Power Industry Cooling Water Specialists), Chatou, France
"The EU Project MATChING: Materials & technologies for performance improvement of cooling systems in power plants" by D. Cumbo (Enel)