Mistral loop on the Bugey power plant

Bugey is a site dedicated to electricity production located on the Rhone river, upstream to the city of Lyon. Four nuclear power plants of 900 MWe are in operation. The site hosts the MISTRAL loop of 25 MWth for the qualification of cooling fills performances tests in real operating conditions.

The Mistral loop is a unique facility to qualify the thermal effectiveness of heat and mass transfer for different industrial technologies of cooling fills. The facility is connected to the main cooling circuit of the production plant that provides the hot water to be cooled. The tests are performed for different ratios of water mass flow rate over air mass flow rate and use ambient air. Within the MATCHING project, the objective of the tests is to create and use the actual steam/air conditions downstream to the cooling fills section as an input for membranes water recovery characterization.

Bugey power plant. The red circle indicates the Mistral loop

Mistral loop (indicated as red circle in the picture of the Bugey power plant above)