The mobile pilot unit Merades II of Engie Lab Laborelec makes it possible to test and evaluate new cooling water designs or conditionings for industrial plants in a budget friendly way. Moreover, the pilot unit can also be used to validate new types of cooling water monitors. The MERADES pilot unit is located at Linkebeek, Belgium, on the Engie Lab Laborelec site.

The pilot unit consists of two identical independent cooling circuits which include each its own condenser with ball cleaning system, forced cooling tower with fill, biocide and anti-scalant injection system, chemical and physical monitoring, circulation pumps, water captation, water purge,…

The pilot works full continuous and can be operated from distance.

Three different technologies will be tested in the framework of the MATCHING project:

  • Membrane De-ionization (MCDI) provided by VITO for feed pre-treatment of the cooling circuit
  • IVG-C CoolWATER™ provided by PATHEMA for chemical-free circulation water treatment of the cooling circuit
  • Membrane Distillation (MD) unit provided from VITO for cooling circuit blowdown reuse



Control Screen (click to enlarge figure)