The EDF lab in Chatou is one of the three main EDF R&D sites. The site is located near Paris on the “Island of The Impressionists” where research activities are historically dedicated to hydro power and fluid flow dynamics.

The EDF lab in Chatou (near Paris) on the "Island of The Impressionists"

Two facilities of the EDF lab will be involved in MATChING's work package 5.

The TRHyCo facility has been set up to investigate the thermal performances of the surface steam condensers at low pressure. The facility is able to qualitatively and quantitatively characterize the heat transfer coefficients for single or bundled tubes under typical operating conditions of steam pressure and cooling water velocity.

Synoptic of the TRHyCo facility

The PERICLES facility consists of four mirror image pilot cooling systems that are able to operate independently. PERICLES will be used to evaluate stainless steel with biocide properties and antifouling coatings applied in the internal tube side of condenser and on other surfaces of the cooling systems, with the final aim to explore alternative water sources usages without treatment (re-use) and/or after treatments (re-cycled).

The PERICLES facilities