As Pontes

As Pontes is a coal - fired power plant that belongs to ENDESA and is located in Coruña (Galicia), in the northwest part of Spain. In the frame of the project several new test facilities will be integrated into the power plant: 1) a pilot condenser to improve steam condensation efficiency and to reduce fouling in cooling water side; 2) a vortex degasification module to reduce scaling in CT circulating water without addition of chemicals; 3) Membrane distillation modules for CT blowdown water recovery and reuse.

As Pontes Power Plant has a net nominal capacity of 1403 MWe, divided in 4 independent Units around 350 MWe each one, burning imported subbituminous coal. All Units are equipped with its own independent natural draft cooling tower and they share the same raw water, taken from the river Eume.

The following testing facilities will be installed, integrated and operated into As Pontes Power Plant:

  • A condenser pilot plant, manufactured by Integasa, with the aim to evaluate the performance of different materials through long run test in operating conditions; a) hydrophobic coatings and laser surface texturizing to promote drop-wise condensation, increasing the heat transfer rate; b) stainless steel with biocide properties and c) anti-fouling coatings to reduce bio-fouling inside the tubes of the condenser and other parts of the cooling water circuit.

  • A vortex degasification module, provided by Pathema and integrated in the DNV GL test rig, to evaluate and demonstrate higher COC through reduced scaling without antiscalant chemical addition in CT circulating water.

  • Membrane distillation modules, provided by Aquastill, to be installed in side stream to the blowdown of CT, to perform a long run demonstration of CT blowdown water recovery.

As Pontes power plant - General view

Water intake station from the river Eume