A total of 9 test sites/facilities will be used within the project. The list of demonstrators includes: 2 demo sites (Italy, Spain), 3 pilot sites (Belgium, Italy, France) and 4 existing facilities (France, Belgium, Spain), of which two are movable and will be brought on site to work in real power plants context.

Balmatt in Mol (BE) - Geothermal power plant by VITO.
Demonstration of anti-corrosive coatings

The Balmatt site is located in the northern part of Belgium. A bypass in the main brine circuit will be realized for the evaluation of different coated materials in contact with the geothermal fluid at extraction temperature

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Nuova San Martino (IT) - Geothermal power plant by EGP
Demonstration of hybrid cooling systems with advanced CT filling media and innovative anti-corrosion coating in the dry section

Nuova San Martino is located in the Cornia valley, Tuscany, Central Italy. The installed electric capacity is 40 MW, with one generating unit and six forced cooling towers. In the frame of the project, one tower will be retrofitted to a hybrid configuration, i.e. comprehending one wet and one dry section.

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As Pontes (ES) - Coal-fired power plant by ENDESA
Demonstration of anti-bio-fouling and condensation-promotion surfaces in a pilot condenser, vortex de-gasification and membrane distillation

As Pontes is a coal-fired power plant that belongs to ENDESA and is located in Coruña (Galicia), in the northwest part of Spain. In the frame of the project, a pilot condenser, a vortex degasification module and membrane distillation modules will be integrated.

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Brindisi Sud (IT) - Coal-fired power plant by ENEL
Demonstration of novel membranes to recover water from flue-gas de-sulphurization

Brindisi Sud (Federico II) is a coal-fired power plant in southern Italy, belonging to ENEL. During the project, a new membrane test facility will be integrated to recover water from waste streams of the flue gas desulphurization unit.

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Chatou (near Paris) (FR) - R&D site by EDF
Demonstration of condensation-promoting surfaces in the TRHyCo facility and anti-fouling surfaces in the PERICLES facility

The EDF lab in Chatou is one of the three main EDF R&D sites. The site is located near Paris on the “Island of The Impressionists” where research activities are historically dedicated to hydro power and fluid flow dynamics. Two facilities, TRHyCo and PERICLES, will be involved.

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Merades (BE) - Mobile cooling unit by Engie Lab Laborelec
Demonstration of membrane de-ionization (MCDI), membrane distillation (MD) and chemcial-free water treatment by vortex technology

The mobile pilot unit Merades II of Engie Lab Laborelec, located  at Linkebeek, Belgium, makes it possible to evaluate new cooling water designs or conditionings in a budget friendly way.

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Mistral / Bugey (FR) - Nuclear power plant by EDF
Demonstration of water recovery by membranes

Bugey is a site dedicated to electricity production located on the Rhone River, upstream to the city of Lyon. Four Nuclear Power Plants of 900 MWe are in operation. The site hosts the MISTRAL loop of 25 MWth for the qualification of cooling fills performances tests in real operating conditions.

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